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Pour une peinture sans image 

Curated by Valérie Toubas and Daniel Guionnet (Point contemporain) 

Galerie du Crous, Paris, 2019

"In order to lay the foundations for an in-depth reflection on painting, this first part of a series of exhibitions devoted to painting proposes in a radical gesture to present the works of artists who never use the image in their creative process and who do not want their composition to make an image. Attached to the gesture, to the material, they are caught in a romantic relationship with the pictorial material, its texture, its smell. The works are born from an addiction to this medium which inscribes their own body in the space of the canvas and which opens their consciousness, like ours, to a much wider field. The artist's painting then expresses a loss of self, of their condition, suggests an overcoming, an elevation. The paint is a breath."




(1) Sequence (Angel jumping), Acrylic paint, canvas, leather, foam, Variable size, 2019

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