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Curated by Musée des Augustins and Centre d'Art nomade (Toulouse)

Musée des Augustins et Réservoir, Toulouse, 2019

At Musée des Augustins, I’m interested in the painting Les Quatre fonctions du capitoulat painted by Arnaut Arnaut by assembling the petticoats of women using the allegorical figure of the circle. The fabrics assemble, crumple, become alive. 


In the space of the Reservoir, the filamentary shapes of the leather straps form drips, a fluid and bright material fleeing from the iron hooks and which solidifies on contact with the air. The spontaneous invasion of an abandoned space, the moving matter adapts to its environment.


(1) Les Quatre, Acrylic paint, canvas, tulle, nylon, Variable size, 2019

(2) Coulures, Acrylic paint, leather, pvc, electric wire, Variable size, 2019

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