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On the wall, a microscopic red energy bouncing off the floor. On the ground, fragments of hollow bodies which release their bubbling interiors. Deployed muscles and organs stretch in the air and react in a chain. A jump of the angel. A series of plastic movements referring to social relations.

Galerie du Crous, Paris, 2019


(Angel jumping)



(Backward roll)

A superimposition of matter as a choreographic sequence. Different stages of the body’s evolution in space, whether it is stretched, unfolded or then flexible or curled up. Connections between materials are created to produce energy, a movement, a metamorphosis in progress.

Cookhouse Gallery, London, 2019


(Big jump)

This installation is a set of bodily manifestations, of soft bodies like painted canvas, plastic sheets, leather straps, hair evolving with skeletons such as steel and wax structures. A chain reaction, the displacement of an athlete leaning on apparatus. I seek to make invisible gestures visible by freezing them in time and creating body extensions.



The filamentary shapes of the leather straps form drips, a fluid and bright material fleeing from the iron hooks and which solidifies on contact with the air. The spontaneous invasion of an abandoned space, the moving matter adapts to its environment


Reservoir, Toulouse, France, 2019.



Through this installation, I am interested in the materiality of the human tissue, presenting a vision of the most internal layers of the skin, the dermis. Releases and absorptions of environmental materials by this membrane are visible.

The Cookhouse gallery, London, 2020

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