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A moving liquid image, a body and a white canvas are superimposed like connected organic layers. An ephemeral symbiosis for a few minutes, catalyzed by the arrival of the body under the canvas.

Doc!, Paris, 2018



Stretching session

A space, a space time, a metamorphosis. 

The transparent film blurs the body movements. There is a surpassing of oneself, an extreme stretching until transformation.



Departure Lounge

This performance animate a corporal sculpture into a suitcase. 

A spontaneous intervention making alive scraps of cut leather with catalytic gestures. I wonder about the utility of industrial materials, the relationship between synthetic and natural bodies’ plasticities and make visible an internal energy.



Group performance with

Maria Estabanell and Xuan Liu


(1) Video (7min, no sound), canvas, performer, variable size and time, 2018

(2) Oil cloth, down, performer, variable size and time, 2018

(3) Suitcase, leather, performer, variable size and time, 2019

(4) Electric cable, microphones, performers, variable size and time, sound by Xuan Liu, 2020

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