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The constant evolution of the human body, its mechanism and its plasticity are the core of Iris Garagnoux's practice. The artist seeks to capture a physical energy and to materialize it into organic forms, polarized colors and provoked situations. Painting allows her to create a repertoire of gestures, which then she transcribes into sculptural and performative fragments such as body extensions getting closer to the public. Her installations in space are imagined as choreographic sequence, a tension, relating to her practice of sports gymnastics in competition. The artist brings together the materiality of organic and synthetic elements by connecting them and observing their reaction, referring to human behavior and social relationships. By exploring Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari's concept "Un corps sans organe" ("A body without Organs"), Garagnoux seeks to make visible an organic interiority which is never fixed and without a proper organization, responding to the environmental and technological conditions of today.. 

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