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Iris Garagnoux’s practice is focused on the plasticity of the human body, which is torn between a deep desire to reconnect with nature but also evolving with new technologies. Painting allows the artist to create a repertoire of organic gestures, which then she transcribes sometimes into sculptural and performative fragments such as body extensions getting closer to the public. By layering organic and synthetic elements, new semiotic colours and textures appear considering societal relationships and the tension between the living and the non-living. By exploring Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's concept "Un corps sans organe" (A body without Organs), she seeks to make visible an organic interiority which is never fixed and without a proper organization. Garagnoux tries to transcribe states of in-betweenness, vulnerability, and corporal energetic fluids, emanating from physical and intangible worlds.

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