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Ashes to Passion

Curated by Fr. Matthew 

St Saviours Church, London, 2020

The metal pipes are becoming a flexible envelope with vitamized colours and soft shapes, the mouths allowing the air to pass merge into one, entwined by transparent tubes to represent the circulation of energy necessary for life. An organ undergoing metamorphosis, its organicity that stands out, a dematerialization.



The transition of the plaster from a state of liquid to solid matter represent a passage, a rebirth. The shapes of an absent body’s weight, the memory of a presence, the traces of a repetitive mouvement. An impalpable presence and an immateriality existing in the religion becoming visible.

(1) Organ(ic), Pvc, tulle, canvas, Variable size, 2020

(2) Absence, Plaster, pigments, canvas, Variable size, 2020

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